Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Birthday planning time

So today Phil saw his shadow and 6 more weeks of winter. Hmmmmmmm! Have we really had a winter here. I am thinking no, but I do know of other places who have had lots of snow and cold.

So Gavin has his birthday this month and wants a Lego theme. So being a busy mom, I am first working on it now-- shame, shame! So I search on-line hoping to find Lego invitations, not so much luck in that endeavor. So I believe I have found a few blogs that show invitations that I will try to go out and create today. Wish me luck!

I should also decorate for Valentines Day as it will be here first, but I just don't know where all my time goes. Had great intentions yesterday, but was so exhausted, I took a nap while the phone rang off the hook. Then couldn't sleep last night and am exhausted today. Shame on me!

Let's see what I get done today-- as Gavin afterschool has Chess club and Air Force. Wish me luck! OH! Almost forgot that today is my volunteer day at school-- so I may not get much done! Ooops!

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