Monday, September 29, 2008

Scarecrow festival 3

one of Gavin's favorite scarecrows


Scarecrow festival set 2

ooooh the crow is eating his eyeball


Scarecrow festival

One of Gavin's scarecrow buddies in Old Colorado City for scarecrow festival 2008
"Mom I don't really like this one it freaks me out"
"Ah a snowcrow"
Tea party for scarecrow's

Halloween dioramas

Pumpkin patch
Witch's coven
Picture 1 diorama
Picture 2 diorama
this is the cemetery on the hill.
I set this up on the coffee table along the wall to see if I had more room but still have more scenery than space!
I got this for my birthday-- cowboy ghosts, so had to make a special area for them.

My mausoleum and grave digger picture didn't turn out so I will have to retry that and submit it later

I just love the fall and the farmers markets, cool crisp nights, leaves changing colors and Halloween!!! I just love it!!! So here are parts of my Halloween village

Dinosaur exhibit in Denver

Camarasaurus and Ceratosaurus --
both fossils were first discovered in Colorado—Camarasaurus in 1877 near CaƱon City, and Ceratosaurus in 1883 near Delta—giving them each a special connection to the state.

I believe this is a Utahraptor, we couldn't take pictures during this exhibit. There were lots of cool bones to touch and dioramas to see.

Gavin and a bambiraptor.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hair color

So I decided to color my hair today and I grabbed a different color-- might be a little to RED!!!!
Little drier
hoping it is just the lighting in the room! Not so sure I wanted to go this red! But hopefully it covered the GRAY!!!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

More Wedding pictures

Here we are "Congrats Jason and Vanessa"
Jason and Vanessa, the happy couple
Groom, Bride, Flowergirl and Ringbearer posing in front of the car.
Pictures were taken in front of the golf course.
We had a great weekend and lots of fun.

Wedding pictures

Look at my two handsome men, dressed to the nines!
Gavin and Hannah waiting for pictures.
Aren't they a cute couple!
Mr Handsome posing for a picture in the church.
Pinning on the flowers.
We went to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico for a friends wedding as Gavin was ringbearer and Rob was a groomsman. Watch for more pictures!

Elephant Butte, New Mexico

The Elephant Butte Marina. We rented a pontoon boat and took it for a 2.5 hour cruise. We had a great time, sun and fun!
Gavin learning how to drive-- he did fairly well keeping it between the bouys or however the floaty things are spelled! HA!
Mom and Gavin
Gavin driving and Dad chillin in the sun!
Family pic on the lake

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Do you remember where you were 7 years ago?
We were getting out cable installed and were informed by the cableman what had happened. I recall being parked in front of the TV for hours in awe and shock.
My heart goes out to the families that lost loved ones on this day. They are truly American Heros!!!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Colorado Springs Balloon Classic

"Mom stop taking my picture-- see my eyes are closed."
Lots of balloons!
Enjoying my Vanilla Steamer-- I got so spoiled by Nikki!
Gavin Rules
Shadow fighting!

Colorado Springs Balloon Classic

Pilot balloon lifting off. "Pirate Balloon"
I like the colors!
The alien balloon didn't launch I was so depressed!
Cool colored balloon
My favorite balloon with flames!