Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More wild and crazy pictures of Us!

Gavin at the zoo

Gavin posing at the door

Gavin on the mountaineer ride

Rain, Snow and Sun-- but I don't think you can see the small snowflakes

Gavin's new shirt from his aunt


After the sun shines on it!

Our Crazy weather and other things

Here is a picture of Gavin building a robot at the Eye dr's.

Gavin and Kelsey (our next door neighbor) at her birthday

Picture of the Peak

These next two were taken from work with my phone and it looked like the clouds were tidal waves in front of the mountains and they proceded to keep curving up to the sky until they traveled across the sky and you could then see the mountains. It was almost bizarre the way they lifted and looked. Hope you can see them like I did!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Bug and I messing around

Picture of Gavin's art work from school!

Gavin reading on computer


Pictures of Gavin and Mom messing around for the camera.

Monday, April 13, 2009

April Showers bring .....

I am hoping for lots of May flowers. We will see! We have had more snow in April then we have had all winter. It may not stick around but yet it is still snowing. So I have not been very good about keeping up to date but I guess once a month is better than nothing!

Decorating Easter Eggs
Gavin and Grandma Betty were decorating eggs for Easter! Camo Eggs were eggs of choice this year. Some pictures were taken by Grandma.

Here are some pictures of Gavin being Gavin! Enjoying the warm afternoon sun!

Happy Easter! I drove home from work to thick fluffy wet flakes and by the time I woke to start Easter dinner it was already melting. We had an enjoyable Easter early dinner with friends and then spent the afternoon playing Rock Band and other video games!

Da Boyz
Rob, Gavin and Nathan (I was just informed-- no one knows who Nathan is so I must call him Uncle Nate!)

The Band
Joanna-drums, Darrel-guitar, Nathan (Uncle Nate)- singing, Rob- bass, Gavin- Back-up and Moral support

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring Break adventure

Gavin's spring break adventure!
We went to the zoo for Dinosaur days and were -- lets say disappointed. We saw a total of 1 dinosaur and the digging for bones was hmmmmmmmm. But we had a great time otherwise at the zoo. Here our pictures of our adventure.

De-antlered Moose

Gavin saw the peacock and said "I really would love to see it's eyes" and our our way back from snow leopards we saw this one flared up.

Snow Leopard sleeping

Baby mule deer eating the tender buds and trying to hide

Digging for Dino bones

In like a lamb and out like a lion!

It does seem like the old addage fits. March has definately been that way. 60 degree weather to start the month and our first blizzard (ok maybe second of the whole season). Finally we are expecting more snow and precip at least.

Views of Pikes Peak

Our winter weather -- or the start of our Blizzard!

Apparently I almost forgot it is April's fools day-- but no foolin' here! Plan for more snow today!