Thursday, August 1, 2013

Summer 2013

What a busy summer and I can't believe that school is only 19 days away!
So my son spent part of summer with his grandparents and attended trappers camp.  Rob and I stayed home and worked.  We did travel to Montana to see my brother get married and visit with family.

 Stuff from Trappers camp

 Apparently Gavin went to a lot of weddings so here are a few things that he took pictures of:

Ride in a cool car
 Playing MLP
 The boys
 The men
 Gavin's VBS picture
 The church where Keven and Callie got married
 Rehearsal- Keven and Dylan
 Gavin, Kai and Amanda
 Dad and his new girlfriend Christie
 Keven and Mom
 Wedding day pictures

 Mom and Dad's grandskids doubled in one day!
 Sequins on dress
 The Kiss

 This was an adorable gift
 Rob's side of family- soon to be new sister-in-law DeeAnn, Gwen and Dick
 Becky and her boys
 Mother-in-law Terri and her sons DJ and Rob
 Chuck and Rob

 Samantha Bisel

 Grandma Betty, Sam and Blaise (the newlyweds!)

 Doe and fawn

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines day

Happy Valentine's Day!  Not a lot going on here after a stressful start to the year-- it is not getting any better or easier.  So we did an early Valentine's dinner at a Japanese restaraunt and an early to bed night.  I work tonight so no big's.  Hope this finds everyone have a lovely day!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Sunday

Home watching Super Sunday with boys and friends!  Boys made a wonderful spread and it smells heavenly!  Go Ravens--- but I .... ah heck Go Ravens!

Congrats Adrian Peterson MVP!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Happy New Year 2013 to one and all!  May this year bring lots of joy and happiness and new changes.

Happy New Year Clip Art 2013
Rob's mom Terry is visiting us and we have checked out the Broadmoor gingerbread houses, not as impressive as last years but enjoyable.  We were able to celebrate New years dinner with family here in the springs but as we get older and have children-- it is much harder not to be yawning by 8pm.  So home we came to find the young man very wired and we chilled on couch ringing in the new year!  Watch for more posts this year-- maybe a goal, or a resolution-- we will see!