Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October Morning Sky

Woke this am to a beautiful orange colored skies and I just wanted to share!

Picture out the back door

Morning sky out the front of the house

My front yard lit by the morning sky

Now some excitement from yesterday that blocked the street and made for some busy access in front of the house.

Not sure if you can see the bubbling water coming out of a huge hole in the street!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall 2009

Here is the Lacrosse team from the AFA coming to school to show the kids how to play lacrosse.

Gavin learning to throw the lacrosse ball.

The whole crew

Front yard decorations for Halloween 2009

Pumpkin we carved for Grandma Carol-- Gavin picked it out and he knew she would enjoy dead Elvis!

Snake Eyes

Snake Eyes on the gondola ride at Boo at the Zoo.
Gavin and Rob went as I was working and Sunday was suppose to be snowing so they went while it was still nice.

Gavin at the entrance of the slime factorySnake Eyes with his candy stash!

Gavin with Star Wars troopers

Gavin making spiders

Minty spiders, made with the help from Grandma Carol

Snow on the trees 10/26/2009

S Snow on our halloween cemetary

Monday, October 12, 2009

Yard decorations for Halloween '09

Gavin bundled to toss out body parts in our little graveyard.
More bone tossing
Careful placement of bones
Gavin and his favorite tombstone it pops out at ya!

Our initial start of our Halloween yard. Check back later for other additions.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fun and adventures in October

So every two weeks a group from the Air Force Academy comes to spend an hour with the kids after school and shows them about the sport they do, this time was gynmastics. The guys team is showing how to do back flips in the next few pictures.

Next there was a handstand contest between the guys and girls and the guys won!

Loosening up. Shake those hips!
Gavin is the kid in the middle being helped to make a bridge.
Look at them splits!
Crab walkin'
The whole group!
Our first snow!
Gavin checking out the flakes.
Gavin's new Maxus Dragonoid. Uncle Keven-- you better look out! This one is headed to destroy your bakugans and you as per your nephew! Watch OUT!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Track and Field day

It was cold and windy but the sun was out and so was the fun!

On your mark, Get set!

Go 80 yard dash!!!

This is what they call NASCAR event! Pushing a tire around the basketball court! A few took a tumble with the tire and got scars to prove it!

Frisbee Throw-- wind helped sometimes!

3 legged race

Hula Hoopin'
Sack races


Didn't get results but it was back to class to write about what they did and then lunch with parents outside. What fun!