Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gavin's adventures in cooking

Gavin has been very creative since we have been back from vacation. He woke up one day and said "Mom, I have been thinking about a great creation! Can I make it?"

Gavin's creating his creation.
One bite size Snickers (could use a Milky Way)
One toothpick
two marachino cherries
Gavin hard at work!

So I gave him the go ahead and he went on with his plan so here is the first adventure!

Well today he wanted to make dessert and he wrote out his recipe with help with spelling and enclosed is the recipe, dessert and enjoying it!


"cappochino creation"

Everyone enjoying the sweet goodness!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


June 21st- Misty and Mandy arrived from Florida.
June 22nd-- We loaded up and headed out for Augusta at 0400. After our normal pit stops we arrived around 830 pm and from then on it was non-stop.
We went to many, many, many dinosaur museums! Camped/fished at the lake for the 4th of July weekend and were not only sunburnt but eaten alive by mosquito's. Took a quick trip to North Dakota to visit my grandparents. It all ended way too soon-- but home now and back to the same old, same old!
The kiddo's outside a diner in Casper. They love the dino's and alligators.

kiddo's finally asleep
Finally made it to Augusta to spend time with Grandparents!
Home sweet home!
Gavin on the slide outside the school.
Trying to get eaten by the T Rex in Bynum
Posing with a seismosaurus in Bynum
Pre-rodeo parade. Kiddo's picking up the goodies
Picking strawberries with Grandpa
Great-grandparents and Grandma
Posing with great-grandparents
Done putting out a fire in Bismark Zoo
Huge Bear at Bismark Zoo
Dancing with a dinosaur at Dickinson
Gavin and his favorite display at Dickinson dinosaur museum-- potential human brain years from now.
Dino display in Dickinson
Kiddo's posing with Uncle Lynole- ok my uncle Lynole!
Posing with Great-grandparents-- sorry Misty-- didn't see your eyes closed!
Gavin and Grandpa Jim in Great Falls-- gavin eating his mint patty
My Auntie Jo!
Our favorite dino on the way to North Dakota
Dinosaur display in Glendive I believe
family picture minus Keven who was taking the photo
Kids and Grandparents and Uncle Keven
Kids with Grandparents