Monday, September 24, 2012

First Weekend of Fall 2012

So the first weekend of fall in 2012-- I had off!!!  Yeah!  I pulled some days during the week and had a weekend off (first off --not counting vacations) in a long time.
So Saturday Gavin and I went to a cemetery crawl to learn about history of Colorado City-- pretty cool-- ignore the strange arrangements of picts and they don't jive or mash with the weekend.  Sunday the family drove up to Woodland Park for Octoberfest.  Beautiful weekend, great beer.
Gavin and Rob outside Bierwerks enjoying the sun
An orchid that I got from friends at work that hasn't bloomed since my surgery decided to bloom one of two buds.
Mountain range

Gavin climbing up in a army vehicle-- can't remember the name but I even climbed up in it to the surprise of both the husband and son.

More Mountains

Just loved the sign!

Bierwerks sign

Gavin-- prior to video of him rolling down the hill

Father and son

Leaves changing

Mountain range and flag

different colors of leaves on one branch

Fairview cemetery in Old Colorado City--getting ready to start tour

Lunch-- pumpkin, cinnamon raisin, and bubblegum and mint chocolate chip

Gavin and a cow outside the Creamery
What a great weekend only to be spoiled by well........  lets leave it at that.  Back to the grindstone and off to enjoy the wonderful FALL!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sept 2012

So we have had 2 cross country track meets, my birthday celebrated at work and at PF Changs, snow on Pikes Peak and a fun science experiment with a limited amount of interest.  Sadly rocket launching got more excitement.

Cool science attempt taken from  Cool idea for bubbling brew and enough to get the little one away from computer for part of a afternoon.  She has great and fun looking ideas, I can't wait to try.
Cross country meet- Madison school group

4th grade boys ready to start

Sunrise over my neighbors house

Fall bumpkins checking out my bench

2nd cross country meet start

Almost to the finish line!  Go Gavin!

Cool brew picts

As for me, I just finished reading Cindi Myers book "The Woman who loved Jesse James".  What a interesting book written about Zee, the daughter of a  Missouri minister who fell in love with Jesse James and their life together.  I fell spellbound by the cover and the book did not disappoint as every girl has it bad for a bad boy once in their life it hooked me and I enjoyed every page.  Read it if you get a chance.  I promise it won't disappoint!
I love the quote on the bottom of page 10 -- check it out!