Friday, February 19, 2010

Third Week of February

We as a family have had a very busy third week of February. So to start we have pictures of Gavin spending time with the Air Force academy Water Polo team.

Gavin learning about water polo from one of the cadets.

Gavin (in camo) trying to score in water polo.

Gavin in his water polo head gear.

Gavin learning skills for water polo (he is in #3 hat)

Gavin putting on his polo hat.

This is a candle made by a staff member for a circle ceremony that I had the chance to participate in during 3 days of learning to "Re-Ignite the Spirit of Care". It was very inspirational and mentally draining. But I learned alot about me and my co-workers.

Beatuiful picture on the wall at our conference center. The black horse didn't really turn out well in the picture-- he came across more grey then black.

So for the past 3 days I have had the chance to drive thru the Garden of the Gods and today, Friday 2/19/10, it had snowed and here are pictures from my drive.

Mule deer just chillin' at the side of the road.

Just watching me watch her.

Figure my Dad will enjoy these pictures the most.

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