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Halloween pumpkin  10/2017

I started with this Tide pod container and removed all the paper and then added a face.  Add a few small pebbles in bottom and a light source -- these will decorate my steps next year. Can't decide if I paint the lid green or leave it alone.

with lights


Wreath made for my sister and her love of Red/White and Blue for her birthday in 2016.  Same technique as the Halloween ones below.

Thank goodness for my neighbor as she ties the best bows!

February 2011

So I am still working on a Halloween Haunted House from plastic canvas.  I love Halloween but this project has taken me about a year so far and I really want to finish it by Halloween this year!!!

This is one craft that I did complete!!!  For my neice's room!  Cut the letters from 7 count plastic canvas and used Redheart Bikini yarn.  I am working on one for my son using the Raider colors.

Crafty 2012

Saw these cute little candy sleighs on Pinterest and thought what cute gifts for teacher/den leader/bus driver etc..  They did have bows and ribbons on them!

Currently 2013

Well I know I have a picture somewhere of my most recent crafting project but for the life of me -- which is hardly a new one-- I can't find it.  So when I find the pictures I will post it-- but am working on a Halloween wreath that was shared on Pintrest.  A friend, Joanna and I started on it and I bet she will finish before I do!  But off to find a picture to post!

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