Monday, February 8, 2021

2021 Where has the time gone?

 So it is February- Wow!  Just don't know what to say-- besides SLOW DOWN!

So my goal for the year was to to workout more and to finish all the counted cross stitch that I have started over the years and have laying around.

So been more successful with first goal- My HGAIC is 5.8 !! Yeah for me.  But I have developed a pretty severe case of vertigo.  Kept me down for a week and I still get the spins, some that keep me down for hours.  I have my first visit with the PT, prayers that it will help.

So my second goal:

So still working on Santa and friends-

Halloween bear- still in progress--
Saw this beautiful bird cross stitch and I have to make it for my work friend!
This is my tote of unfinished projects from 1992 til now...

Lastly, I finished this horse cross stitch for a friend and am pretty proud of my hard work-- 8 months!

My son turns 18 in a few weeks and graduates from High School with an Associates degree.  We went out the other day with a friend for senior pictures, working on colleges and trying to line up a job.  Good Luck little man!

A great thing from all of this Covid stuff:  I won a framed artwork that was donated to essential workers!

I am presently also working on painting the guest bedroom where this art work will hang.  Better pictures to come when it is finally hung.

Not sure if I regaled you all with my house and home woes-- but I have new windows and back door, have been staining, rehanging curtains and got a new not leaking skylight!   Now need to hire a carpenter to fix the interior woodwork and all will be good!

Well gotta log and get on treadmill before bed!