Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall Already?

So much for trying to be on the ball and on top of things-- failing miserably!!  My niece who's birthday is today (Happy Birthday Mandy!!!!)  Will get her gifts late as I have only had them here and bought for a month now-- finally wrapped and mailed them Not on Monday like I was planning but Tuesday when I remembered.  Ooooops!
So we have finally gotten the remodeling bug and it bit big time!  We have almost finished our bedroom.  Just need to place crown molding, and lamp, hang pictures and I believe it is done!!!  Finally after 2 years of trying.  Our front yard is a dirt pit until start of October when we will have sprinklers placed, sod and river rock laid, and a new flower garden designed.  Hopefully will work out well.  I have to prime and paint the bathroom and then I believe the remodeling stint will go away for the year or two!!!!
Gavin is busy with boyscouts-- earning achievements and selling popcorn.  Homework everynight that has Mom searching what the stuff means as it has been at least 30 years since I did anything of the sort and it is all different than what and how I learned to do it!
We got a new 2 drawer stove for a really really good price and I can't wait to start using it!!!!
Hoping the family will come visit for the holidays!  Hint Hint!!!!!

I am starting with Halloween/Fall decorations and setting up my village in a new spot!  Should be cool!  Can't wait!

Summer 2011

So it is already July!  Wow time flies when you are busy! 
Happy Birthday Dad and Misty!
Gavin is enjoying spending a month with his grandparents in Montana!  From the looks of the pictures-- I think he is having a great time.  Rob and I have been busy with work and trying to find some time to ourselves.
Love Green Lantern, Thor!!!!  The movies ROCK!!
We did go to  Elitch Gardens with friends before Gavins vacation-- there I dumped my camera twice in the Lazy river and now it is not working too good! 
Gavin did spend a week at cubscout camp and really had a great time!