Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring is here!!! and so are the Leprechauns

Full moon from front door!

Just the other day walking to school-- Gavin and I spied my daffodils had bloomed and then we spotted a robin red-breast.

Today is ST Patrick's day and as I am being reminded-- "Yes Gavin has Irish in him, I am Irish and Cherokee". So Gavin wore his green and came home in the cutest Leprechaun mask. That sneaky leprechaun turned Gavin's milk green this am and apparently pulled some pranks at the school. We will have to see what he does for dinner!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring/Snow/Gavin's B-D presents! (just a little late on the last one)

So Spring is here and I was trying to get into the spirit! So check out my decor (my pansy's died and the wasps set up home in there).

So March 1st we celebrated Grandma's 80th birthday at the Melting Pot a Fondue place here in the springs and here is a picture of her celebrating:

So, I was missing the snow and the Peak looked lovely today with the snow so here are a few Peak pictures with snow:

No! No! I really wasn't driving, I was parked at lights!

So I believe I need to just post pictures of Gavin's birthday presents! He may not be to photogenic at the early morning pictures-- "mom, the light is too bright!"

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


March has really come in like a lamb, but boy do we need the rain/snow! It is so dry here and windy with real high fire danger. Not that I don't love the 70 degree temps and beautiful nights but....... Summer will end up being hell without the precip.

So we celebrated Betty's (Grandma) birthday at the Melting pot, a fondue place. It was wonderful and sinful all rolled into one. I loved the cheese part, Gavin the chocolate part as we let him pick the type of chocolate for dessert. She turned 80 and had always wanted to go there so Rob (who doesn't do fondue) went.

I got a new playtoy!!! Right now am loving it!!! I got an Ipod. Very fun and exciting and I love the fact that I can take my music with me in a little tiny case!!!!!

Besides that I am looking for a new vehicle. My little Dodge neon is not holding a family anymore and a 90 pound dog-- makes it even smaller.
So I am out car shopping-- ok ok minivan/SUV shopping! Wish me luck! Hopefully will have it before I take vacation in June-- get ready peeps I want to go to the Rodeo!!!!

So this is my start of March blogging-- might not post much but.... will keep you posted on our little part of the world!