Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Birthday cards in making

Gavin's Martin Luther King "I have a dream..." art. Hope Mandy enjoys it!
Home made Lego cards

Red and Blue Lego cards

I need to thank Spottedcanary.com and Created by Jennifer blog for ideas for the lego cards. Thanks for the ideas! I just wish I had more card making equipment and I think they would have turned out a little nicer but.... not shabby for a first -timer! Gavin likes them so I guess that is all that matters!

1 comment:

CoffeeMom said...

Kiddo say Awwww I love you cuz your too sweet!

Gavin I think you rock!! from Ana I wish we could be back there too as we just miss you to much!

Bev love the lego cards we better be getting on :) lol but he said no girls so I guess we are outta luck. What a cool mom you are:)