Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Break outings

This week happens to be Gavin's Spring Break and so on Monday we visited the Aquarium in Denver and it really looks nice now days! Tuesday we went to Dino Resource center in Woodland Park. We went to a friends birthday dinner last night and coming home we were greeted with our Spring Snow storm. So today Wednesday-- Dad is home and we are still under a winter storm watch so not sure what we will do today. Enjoy our spring break-- pictures are a combo of Gavin's undertakings and mine!

Ok here is a start-- I am really late and missing a few picts but here is a start!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Post St. Patricks Day

So, now here I am getting excited about all of our little want-to-do projects, but finding the time to get them done will be the issue. Rob was home early yesterday and we were able to clean out Grandma's spare room and make some headway there. Started to look at the lawn, deadheaded the roses and cut back the dead yarrow. Wishing I had my camera with me-- I spotted some blue jays in a neighbors tree, coming home from school. But no such luck. Trying to remember if I posted pictures from the AFA (Air Force Academy) cheer teams at the school, if I did -- sorry if not here they are. I also have picts from AFA basketball team and cool picts of the Peak (Pikes Peak) covered in snow.

Learning a cheer

Gavin's favorite dance team girl

Learning the guys part of a cheer

The Bird

Cheer team moves
Look at how tall the guys were! Men's basketball team
The Peak!
Posted for you Misty so you get lonely and come back to Colorado!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March Madness

So apparently March is almost over-- I have yet had time to blog, and well what can I say!

I have been busy with a lot of am meetings at work which take up quite a bit of my time. I agreed to be a cubscout leader for Gavin's school, so every Monday afternoon, I work for about an hour.

So now-- I have gotten an itch on top of everything else to remodel! My first task is scraping the popcorn off the bedroom ceiling, half way done, but not sure where to put everything out of the way to finish-- so

trying to decide on colors

Scraping of the popcorn

Scraped area

So with that project under way, I am a little busy-- but can't wait to be able to paint and see real results! Just posting pictures of the boys!
Happy St Patrick's day one and All!