Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone had a great day and Santa was especially good to everyone!
I know we were all good here!
Christmas Eve -- I was at work and the boys at home and the Christmas Day I hurried home to open presents with a very excited 5 year old! Afterwards, I slept a bit and Rob made dinner.
We enjoyed steak and crab legs. One of our friends, Nate, spent the day with us and after dinner the boys played some new video games and later some more of our friends arrived and we rocked out to Guitar Hero/Rock Band and had some chili. Boy was I tired when Gavin and I laid down around midnight! What a fun day!
There were some great presents!
I am presently (ok well very soon) am going to play with one of my favorites! I recieved a negative converter! It is awesome!! I am converting all of my trillions of old negatives to computer! I am having a great time remembering things!!!
I will post Christmas pictures soon!!! After I am done playing!!!

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