Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Tree and outdoor decorations

So we spent the last two days rearranging the downstairs family room and in the meantime-- decorated the upstairs Christmas tree and I believe we are done with outdoor decorations. So here are the pictures:
Front yard with the candycane border and new blow-up snowman family!
So our Viking themed tree is no longer. With the fake tree and the automatic white lights, we don't have to string it with the alternating purple and gold bulbs. So we have our Hallmark ornaments and purple and gold decorations with a train to run around the bottom.
Luckily, I got Gavin's tree up downstairs and he decorated it with M&M Star Wars ornaments and surrounded by Mom's Coke bears.
I did get my Christmas cards labeled and need to mail them, and I have 2 batches of cookies completed for holiday baking!!!
But I think all the shopping is done except for the adult's stockings.
Happy Holidays Everyone!!!!!
Enjoy !

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