Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A child's imagination

Here is Gavin's Christmas tree that he decorated himself with the Star Wars M&M characters and his Raiders ornaments and Mom's Coke bears.
The lighted tree-- early in the morning

Now on to the imagination! The above and below pictures and idea got started after watching a dinosaur video about spiders and building nests (like the trapdoor spider). So with some left over boxes he created his "burrow" and used he white packing paper as sensitive weblines to feel prey movin near the burrow.

Here is a picture of the spider coming after his prey-- surprisingly he does fit through the opening with much wiggling as Mom had to cut it to fit.
So he only has a week of school left before he is home for Christmas break, so I am sure we will have many many more imaginative days of play!

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CoffeeMom said...

I LOVE YOUR TREE GMAN!!! love ya little ambush spider :P