Thursday, August 30, 2012

Theme for the day-- BUGS!

Theme for the day is Bugs-- not this bug
 Or this bug-- not that I don't mind either of the two!
 This bug was seen on the way to school bus just hanging out on the fence.  This photo taken by Gavin before the bus arrived.

The other were taken by me after we make the bug (I believe a praying mantis) move a little after touching his legs!
So my bug starts cross counry today, practices tonight and friday night after school and then has a meet on the 4th.  So we shall see-- he wanted to take percussion in band but realized that band would interrupt his science class and couldn't have that!  At least he has priorities!  We attended our first Weblo pack meeting and he met his den leader and had fun playing games while Mom got to do all the work.
This weekend is the Colorado Springs Balloon Classic and I hope to attend Sunday night glow and then the launch Monday am before work.  We will have visitors this weekend as Rob's mom and uncle visit us.  Busy last weekend of summer for us!

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