Wednesday, August 22, 2012

August 20- 22

First day of 4th grade-- Aug 20, 2012. Beautiful am.

 Gavin heading out the door-- not wanting to go,  "I wish there were 3 more years of summer".
 Aug 21 sunrise and bug's shadow on the kitchen wall.
 Alright-- finally getting the bench for the front flower garden.  So here I go attempting to be crafty!

 Sadly-- bench looks crooked but I didn't have to cut anything and it did hold my weight twice without falling apart!
Let's see if my neighbor notices tonight-- got to get the mum's planted so I can have some color, since the hale had destroyed everything and I have a few small green plants coming back.

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Redneck Girl said...

Heck-- I can't even spell hail! Silly me! Sorry about that.