Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Story of my life

Seem to be a day late and almost always a dollar short!  Can not truly believe it is the first of August already.  School starts in 19 days, Gavin is no where near ready-- mom may be- but he isn't.  He went to Trappers camp in Montana with his uncle and grandfather and had a great time, then spent time with his grandparents in Augusta.  Misty and her family came out and a quick trip to Montana, North Dakota and back again was in the works!.  So now we are playing re-arrange the dressing room as when it rained really hard it flooded and so I moved everything into the family room and pulled up rugs and stuff and now am trying to figure out a floor and place to put things.  Brought home a sewing machine from Montana but I never took home-ec so have these plans for sewing!  HA!  Good luck on that one! Swear there is a dead mouse in the kitchen-- there is a smell that I can't trace/track.  I have cleaned behind the fridge, washed out the fridge, cleaned out pantry and still can't find it-- threw out a broken sent of shelves from Grandma and now have lost a bunch of shelves-- am having to re-arrange the kitchen! 
There was a huge fire that impacted Colorado Springs and so I am donating stuff to them, have piles and need to get them dispensed.  Would love to can but-- know how the family is when it comes to eatng fruit-- can't get them too.  Soooooo will have to see if I can still post picts and add some!

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