Monday, May 3, 2010

May (where did April go?)

Ok so here it is the start of May, we have had snow, tornado's, wind, rain, thunder and lightning.  The almost whole gamut of weather.  Hello-- it is May!

So besides work and more work and school and more work, we have been keeping terribly busy -- so if you ever need you can always call and someone will answer or get back to you before the year is over!

Fog driving home one morning
Grape Hyacynths
Snow one morning coming home
More dark colored tulips
Soon to be no longer purple office
More purple office

Air Force Hockey Team
Air Force Boxing Team

Learning hockey

Gavin a goaley

Green lantern green office

Gavin chillin' at the zoo

"Help me!"

Take your crew to the zoo day

New Bobcats with painted faces

Cub scout pack 49

Gavin and his Bobcat and Tiger Badges, with face painting from ceremony

Pikes Peak

1 comment:

CoffeeMom said...

ConGRATS BOBCAT!!!! the green wall is not that bad I kinda like it I thought it was like the neon peagreen color. love the pictures and feel free to visit my blog and comment too :P

Miss you guys!!!!!! send the snow this way!