Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Carnival at School

As a member of PTO, we planned a spring carnival for the school.  So as a member I was baking cakes for the cake walk.  First one turned out beautifully, second one oozed and over and tried to catch the oven on fire and the third one fell horribly!!!  So I cheated-- but here are my cakes, and one of our friends sent a cake-- which was beautiful and I had a hard time not keeping it at home and enjoying it ourselves!

Silent auction-- we won 2 baskest the dragon and relaxation baskets
Duck pond

Ms Sanchez and Ms Jones (Gavin's teacher) in jail after Gavin arrested them.
Ms Sanchez in jail
Arrest warrent
Ms Esquibel -kindergarten teacher- in jail after Gavin put her there
Coach working concessions
Gavin in jail after being put there by his kindergarten teacher!
Principal, vice principal, secretary and son

Pig Races

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