Tuesday, June 8, 2010

June Already?

Ok, ok!  I thought I had the jump on things and then it has all snowballed and I am again into a new month and can't recall where the last one went.
So I missed my sis's anniversary-- Sorry Sis! (presently you are lucky I can't find a pict of you and your darling hubby).
So I have been overly busy with work, meetings and such pretty much every week on top of my regularly scheduled shifts.
Rob has been great about helping with the house and even has his "office/man-cave" just about done.

 Gavin at the start posing with mountain lion
 Panning for cool rocks


 At the top posing with a ram

Look at the snow
 Gavin freezing in his shorts it was only 30 degrees at the top and almost 90 when we were back in the Springs

 More snow
 As you can tell Gavin is getting either bored or angry/tired!


 My tired little bug!
We did on a rare chance all have the day off together and we took a trip to the Peak which was beautiful.  Gavin panned for rocks and then the boys came home and bought a rock polisher and have been trying to shine rocks for a week plus now.

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CoffeeMom said...

Thank goodness you could not find a picture of us heheheh I took them all :) Thank for sharing all the pictures!!! now get to my blog and share the love :P