Friday, November 28, 2008

First Snow

First snow of the holiday season, though at this time you can't tell, so Gavin is outside trying to catch snowflakes in his hand.

So snow on Thanksgiving!
So after calling families, eating Thanksgiving lunch, chilling at home. We all went to see the movie "Twilight". It was good, I really enjoyed reading series. So we came home and chilled and found it snowing!!!!!!!

Gavin playing in the first snow, and his home-made snow angel!
After pelting Mom and the house with numerous snow balls we finally got Dad to come out and play!

So we are sending our wishes of snow to our family in Florida!!! Best of luck getting snow!!!!

1 comment:

CoffeeMom said...

awww you lucky ducks! Buggie go play in the snow for me I sure miss it!!! Its sad I am going to miss shoveling the driveway.