Monday, December 9, 2019

More Christmas decor

 So found thes cuties at Ace Hardware and had to go back just to get them and found them on sale!  Win-Win for me!

 Metal plates
 Gavin decorating the upstairs tree!

 I belive the bulb is from Pier 1- beautiful!

 Gnome ornament from out Minnesota trip
 Pittsburgh Penguin Hallmark ornament
 Oakland Raider stocking cap from Minnesota

 Neegan ornament from Hallmark
 Metal deer
 Red metal truck
 Viking snowman from Minnesota
 Red truck
 wooden S
 Pittsburgh Penguin jersey
 Making plans for next years Christmas card- trying to get both dog and boy participate!

 Added multi-color lights
I believe Pier one plastic deer.  
Enjoy and hope this leads to some inspiration!

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