Sunday, November 1, 2009

End of October

The end of October has been exciting with snow and cold and fun!!! Not to mention Halloween!!!!

We finally used our Sportsman's Warehouse card and bought this cool camo jacket. Thanks Uncle Keven!

Time for yard work but it looks like that Gavin is having much more fun laying/jumping in my pile of leaves.

Throwing piles of leaves at Mom.

Here is my knight in shining armor.


I had to work so the boys had to do their own trick or treating. They went up and down the block and a few other streets and when I called Gavin later in the evening to find out how it was he said "Mom our street gave up on Halloween, they only had 3 houses for treats". What a disappointment for a little kid. So they went a few blocks and then came home and passed out candy at the house while some friends came over.

Sir Gavin in the graveyard

Our carved pumpkins
Cerebrus, mask, creepy clown and monster

Creepy chef Gavin coming after you
"I want your intestines now!"


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