Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Air Force Baseball visits school

Every second Tuesday, the Air Force Academy visits the school and shows the kids how to play certain sports and yesterday was baseball and Gavin enjoyed it more than the rest! He was overjoyed and hyped! They learned to throw, hit and actually play the game. Here are pictures:

Introductions of the Cadets

Warming up the arms
Cadets warming up their arms

Gavin swears he was hit in the "junk" with this catch!

Practicing their throws

Up at bat and he swings and he hits the pitcher
Batting in the game

Playing somewhere between shortstop and 3rd base
The group!

Crazy pose

50th day of school and dress up from the 50's. Here is my reluctant greaser upset that mom made him dress up. "I don't like the 50's Mom".
Gavin liked this picture of the full moon because it looked like a heart so I thought I would share it with you. I was experiment with different buttons on the camera! Enjoy!!!
Guess who's due in 2 months???



SANTA!!!!!! Bet I had you fooled!

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