Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Birthday!

So here is an old picture-- scanned from my scanner and old negatives

Can't quite decide if I am 39 years old or young-- some days are easier to decide than others.

But for now I am going to enjoy my day and see what it has planned. Mom and Dad called and I am kind of glad it was not at 5am-- even though I was awake then.

Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts and wishes on this day!

More recent from this summer when I was trying to be a Montana Freewoman ! hahahaha

Actually protecting myself from killer mosquitos'!

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CoffeeMom said...

LOL Happy birthday SIS hope you had a good one!! I will have to post your mud shot from the MT trip Lol. well best go and try to get kiddo to hustle out the door for school she is lagging this morning uggg