Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall Festivities

I Love Fall!!!! Pretty much everything about it!!! From the harvesting, to smell of wood smoke in the air, to the crunch of the leaves underfoot and last but not least HALLOWEEN!!!!!

So Gavin and I went to Old Colorado City's Scarecrow Festival one Sunday and were sadly disappointed that there were only 2 that stood out. One we took a picture of for Grandma Carol and her love of cows and the other was just plain cool! Best one there!

Gavin sampled the bubblegum ice cream here

If you click on this-- it is a really cool wolf!

Here are pictures of my set-up for my Halloween village this year

Western theme
Cemetery view-- need to cover the back to hide wires yet!
This is the partial scene from above the entertainment center I tried a new placement so we will see how this works this year.

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CoffeeMom said...

Buggie did you take my sunglasses? lol I have a pair just like them. so you must be one cool dude!

I cant wait to see you in DEC.!!!!!