Monday, October 20, 2008

Boo at the Zoo Adventure

The ARRRRRGGGGHHHH Stierstorfer Pirate Family

We ventured out as a pirate family to attend "Boo at the Zoo"!
Along the way our wee one lost part of his mustache/beard but.....

We saw...and yes that is a sucker stick and not anything else!

male lion roaring

Hippo skull on display with Gavin moving in background.
Gavin visited a haunted house and got to feel brains, eyes, and teeth. Only one monster that jumped out and grabbed him -- spooked him and there was a monster who offered him candy to let him out and Gavin actually reconsidered letting him out for candy.

Haunted Graveyard

Rob and Gavin rode the skyride and took some pictures of city lights and display at the top.

Last but not least the Star Wars figures:

Gavin at the end of a successful and very fun Boo at the Zoo!

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CoffeeMom said...

Gavin you look good as a pirate!!! you will have to have your mom send us a picture or 2.