Friday, November 28, 2014

Holiday decorating

 So I am getting in the holiday spirit-- some presents wrapped and guess for who??
Got to love Brach's!  These candy canes are awesome!  Love them!  Love not to share them with any one either!  But had to because-- so hope you enjoy-- bad thing is that I can't remember where I bought them to buy anymore!
 Sunset 11/24  What gorgeous colors and such a beautiful evening.

 Christmas tree stand on the way to work!  I love the lights it really puts me in a holly jolly mood!

 Turkey had-- I found at work-- apparently the ER doc got the wrong impression and thought I was wearing an erect phallus symbol on my head-- way to ruin the evening.  I did have fun and some patients did enjoy the festiveness of night shift.
 So this is what we started with-- plain yard
 Added giant rubber duck

 And ended the evening with ---- tada!!!  Lights
 Giant rubber ducky
 Snowman family

HO HO HO!!!  Merry Christmas

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