Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall Already?

So much for trying to be on the ball and on top of things-- failing miserably!!  My niece who's birthday is today (Happy Birthday Mandy!!!!)  Will get her gifts late as I have only had them here and bought for a month now-- finally wrapped and mailed them Not on Monday like I was planning but Tuesday when I remembered.  Ooooops!
So we have finally gotten the remodeling bug and it bit big time!  We have almost finished our bedroom.  Just need to place crown molding, and lamp, hang pictures and I believe it is done!!!  Finally after 2 years of trying.  Our front yard is a dirt pit until start of October when we will have sprinklers placed, sod and river rock laid, and a new flower garden designed.  Hopefully will work out well.  I have to prime and paint the bathroom and then I believe the remodeling stint will go away for the year or two!!!!
Gavin is busy with boyscouts-- earning achievements and selling popcorn.  Homework everynight that has Mom searching what the stuff means as it has been at least 30 years since I did anything of the sort and it is all different than what and how I learned to do it!
We got a new 2 drawer stove for a really really good price and I can't wait to start using it!!!!
Hoping the family will come visit for the holidays!  Hint Hint!!!!!

I am starting with Halloween/Fall decorations and setting up my village in a new spot!  Should be cool!  Can't wait!

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Koren said...

YAY!!! A POST!! Let's have more of those! I want to come see your "new" house, looks beautiful!