Monday, October 25, 2010

Ok Ok!! I have been bad and not posted in a while but I do have a reason!

So apparently it has been a month or so since I have posted so bear with me and I will try to provide updates.
Aug 14, I was working and had lots of abd pain and went to ER while I was at work and hoped if it was anything it was appendicitis but after a CT of abd, and a consult to a general surgeon.  I had a mass in my upper abdomen attached to my pancreas.  So lots of stress and Dr visits with a trauma surgeon, hematologist and such.  I was scheduled for surgery on Sept 14th.  Spent lots of time trying to get everything that I could think of done before surgery, not so successful if I do happen to say so, but we made it.
Sept 14th, went in for surgery at 1:30 and came out into the ICU at about 7pm.  Very long surgery.  Thank God for the ICU staff and my surgeon.  I was graced with lots of good people and people that I knew to take care of me and make me feel safe.
Sept 16th, apparently that evening after brushing my teeth, I coded and was thankfully brought back.  What an evening, very stressful for my husband and son, and the ICU staff and my Dr who were there with me.  Thank God!
Well after 5 days in ICU, I was transferred to the surgical floor and spent 5 days there and was finally able to go home..  My mom was here to help take care of Gavin and me for about 3 weeks which I am very greatful for her help.  I had lots of wonderful friends and visitors while in the hospital.  Thank you everyone!
Living room bloody curtains

Gavin's sculpting

The boys chillin'
Drago from Bakugan costume

Gavin's paper mache self sculpture

Yard decorations

Gavin's ribs

playing with decorations

posing like my Uncle Lynole, lying in cemetery

My beautiful incision

flowers from the boys

pict's out my hospital room

One of the orchids

more flowers


the other orchids

Pikes Peak

Our yard at night-- do you see the orbs too?
 October 25 I am still recuperating at home, with the help of my son who is fantastic with everything!  I had help in decorating for halloween -- our favorite holiday!  So I believe I am caught up there, Gavin has his costume and I have candy for trick or treaters!  Next Dr visit is Nov 9th and I should get the ok to go back to work if I am lucky!  I miss my work friends!

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