Thursday, July 22, 2010

2010 Colorado Ren fair!

 A Tauren that we observed as we entered the front gate

 A wedding processional

 A woodland fairy
 Our Ren costumes!
 A very cool creature with wings, who we watched play with a little knave who stabbed him and he collapsed and lay there for a while on the ground.  It was too cute!

 My NEW costume!  I have been wanting a Ren costume for as long as we have been married and attended our first Ren fair.  Now I have one and my oh my!  Here we are poising with the Pirate wench!

We had a great day with friends.  Not overly hot, had a few rain showers and I was so exhausted from working all night before and was up until we left the fair at 6pm.  But it was great!

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