Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More missing teeth!

My dear little one is now missing 3 teeth for Christmas but man are they growing in fast. He is practicing whistling but only occasionally giving us showers. Hard to tell but 2 on top and one on the bottom.

Right now he is very excited that Christmas happens tomorrow for us as we are traveling for the holidays and he hopes that Santa will have gotten his note and be aware that we are not here. So tomorrow we are opening our presents and never know if Santa will make it here in time.

So probably not much posting from here on out til the New Year of 2010!!!

Happy Holidays!!!! From the Storfs

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chuck said...

hey kids...just wanted to let you know I got your card. Thanks...first of the season. and thank you for the pictures too! No special plans...xmas at Brandy's with the kids. Are your xmas travels bringing you this way? I'd love to see you all. my new address is 400 5th st north, apt 415, GF, 59401. My email is cstierstorfer@yahoo.com (not new) I'm going to try and call you tonite, lots has happened, too much for a blog. remember, God loves you...and so do I!