Thursday, August 20, 2009

First Day of school

First Day of School

Gavin's cool pirate shirt
Here is my first grader! We received a letter a week before school to let us know how poorly his school did last year and did we want to move him to another better academic school. Gavin didn't want to go to another school as his friends wouldn't be there. So we decided to let him return. Well we attended the open house on Monday and met the principal and she was over the top so to say. She put her hand up and told the kids that it meant to "zip your lips". Both Rob and I looked at each other with the "oh no she didn't" look. So we met his teacher and I was just not impressed. Yet we let Gavin go.

Gavin was upset because it was cool and cloudy on the first day of school.

So on an end note-- Gavin liked his first day, his girlfriend is in his class, his buddies are in the classrooms around him and he is now friends with another little boy named Gavin. So far so good!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Gavin is getting so big!! I miss you Bev and hope you are doing well. Your little man certainly seems to be doing great!

CoffeeMom said...

Aww look at my little Man he is getting so big. Cant wait to see you around christmas. I sure miss seeing you every day. Love you buggie and get busy and write to me or draw me a picture!

PS I got my blog updated as well you will have to check it out!