Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Late Mother's Day

First and foremost-- Happy Late Mother's day to all the Special women in my life!
So... Mother's day for me consisted of a Tea Party at Gavin's class Friday where we had tea and cookies and the kids escorted their mom's to their table. All were very excited about their gift for us as we were not allowed to look at it! Then after our tea the kids shared their gift with us by reading a poem attached to a pretty picture of their hand as a flower. Gavin told me "Careful Mom, you might cry." I was fine til he said that!

Gavin and I at his tea party for the Mom's

My present and poem

So Mother's day for me included coming home after working all Saturday night to find the boys making belgium waffles for breakfast. Afterwards, I got to sleep in! Yeah!!! Then we spent the day together and played and watched movies and grilled cheeseburgers. Then early to bed!!!
I had a great day!
Oh these are my mother's day gift!


Anonymous said...

He's a cute little kid and that's a sweet mother's day. Belated happy mother's day to you... :D

CoffeeMom said...

Awww my little buggie made his mommy cry lol awww what a sweet thing the school did I wish I had that but my Mothers day was great as well. I love and miss you all and cant wait till june we are chomping at the bit here.