Monday, April 13, 2009

April Showers bring .....

I am hoping for lots of May flowers. We will see! We have had more snow in April then we have had all winter. It may not stick around but yet it is still snowing. So I have not been very good about keeping up to date but I guess once a month is better than nothing!

Decorating Easter Eggs
Gavin and Grandma Betty were decorating eggs for Easter! Camo Eggs were eggs of choice this year. Some pictures were taken by Grandma.

Here are some pictures of Gavin being Gavin! Enjoying the warm afternoon sun!

Happy Easter! I drove home from work to thick fluffy wet flakes and by the time I woke to start Easter dinner it was already melting. We had an enjoyable Easter early dinner with friends and then spent the afternoon playing Rock Band and other video games!

Da Boyz
Rob, Gavin and Nathan (I was just informed-- no one knows who Nathan is so I must call him Uncle Nate!)

The Band
Joanna-drums, Darrel-guitar, Nathan (Uncle Nate)- singing, Rob- bass, Gavin- Back-up and Moral support

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CoffeeMom said...

Gavin sure has gotten big. We cant wait to see you and the camo eggs were our choice as well thought they didnt turn out as well as we had hoped (tried the oil way too) We want more pictures!!!!!!