Thursday, February 26, 2009


This year has already been a year for illness! Tuesday, Gavin c/o of sudden ear ache and we tried the home remedies Tylenol, warm packs and they seemed to help for a little bit. He didn't seem to miserable so I figured I take him to see his Dr after school on Wednesday but by that night he was so miserable he couldn't sleep and he was crying in pain. So off to the ER at 10:30pm, after a long wait and a dose of Motrin, Gavin was sound asleep the Dr saw us and gave us a script for antibiotic. Ear infection! So after a very restless/crying/miserable night, Gavin stayed home from school. Started antibiotics and we are feeling a little better today but home from school again and will miss his first music concert tonght! Boo!
But I think he will be back in school friday. Hopefully we will work on our birthday thank you's today.

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