Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Gavin's first babysitter!

So last night, I had to teach a class with a friend from work and so Gavin went to stay at her house with her kids and nanny. He loved it and can't wait til we get our own! I think he is way too much like me. Apparently she made him some steamed milk and he got wound up and he talked all the way home and continued to talk about his adventures until I finally got him to bed and then woke up this morning still excited about it! Talking to mom this morning, she reminded me that I use to talk non-stop after basketball games to them and keep them awake for hours, so I wonder if this is payback!

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CoffeeMom said...

LOL oh how I remember those nights I hope kiddo doesn't get that way lol opps she already is lol. Glad things work out with the babysitter!!! so what is the going rate for one?